Support and Training

We Are With You Every Step of the Way

Unlike other CRM programs, Diamond Relations does not just throw you into the deep end. We believe that the more help and support you have from us, the better. That is why we begin with extensive training followed by weekly monitoring of your progress in the system.

Once your sales associates have had a training webinar with us about how to use the system, the associates and the managers will receive weekly progress reports. Diamond Relations provides the sales manager and sales associates hands-on training and support. We offer two methods for training: in-house installation and webinar training. With in-house installation, a specialized trainer will come to your store and work individually with each member of your sales team, from top management to part-time sales support. If you prefer the webinar training option, one of our client service representatives will share screens with each manager and associate during a conference call to walk step-by-step through the system and address  any questions or concerns they have.

We realize that many when a new process is introduced, it can become an extensive journey and cause discomfort among the people involved. To minimize frustrations and ease the company into the system, we send out weekly progress reports for the first month, biweekly during the second month, and monthly reports from the third month forward. Our team is also on call 7 days a week to provide you as much free support as you need!

Our team at Diamond Relations CRM can also customize support and consulting plans for each business and tailor the system to meet each company’s needs. For example, if your company also wants marketing campaign capabilities, customized fields, or tailored reports, we can work out an arrangement to ensure a great fit.

Security and Backup

  • Stability and Uptime

    Diamond Relations offers high bandwidth access with Gigabit Backbone, built-in redundancy, and RAID Drive protection to provide the highest standard of application uptime. The infrastructure is monitored 24/7 by experienced engineers to proactively resolve downtime issues before they occur. Regular, full, and differential backups including automatic backup replications at two secure remote locations ensure that your data is never compromised.

  • Security and Safety

    Diamond Relations hosted infrastructure offers unmatched reliability with information security and data privacy. Our state-of-the-art data center is an extremely secure environment with controlled and monitored access to the physical facility. The data center offers complete intrusion protection with multi-layered Internet level and Domain level security and strong Antivirus, SPAM, and spyware scanning.


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