Success stories

What our clients say about us

  • Mary Ann Jones – Sales Associate- 3 Stores

    Diamond Relations has helped me have great success with shows and events! We have an event in our store at least once a month, and the “Tag” feature within Diamond Relations allows me to organize all of my clients into groups. For example – I have one Tag that holds all of my clients I want to contact for the upcoming wedding band show. A few weeks before the event I use that Tag as my calling list to make show appointments. It’s amazing and has allowed me to make my show goal every time!

  • Rachel Green – Sales Associate – 2 Stores

    I have been using Diamond Relations for years and it has become my #1 tool to close deals! In the last 5 years, I have increased my sales and organization, and have more of an established client base. Diamond Relations allows me to not worry when I am off work, I know that my clients can now be taken care of by any of my colleagues. Diamond Relations CRM has dramatically increased my business!

  • Sarah Hurwitz – Manager – 1 store

    Diamond Relations is a fantastic tool for our sales team.  It allows them to keep up with all of their current opportunities and continued follow up with customers in an easy to use format.  For me, as the store manager, it allows me to see everything that the staff is working on and to keep up with their follow up.  The service and IT support is very responsive, which makes a huge difference.  I would recommend this system to anyone in the industry.

  • Maria Cayse – Manager/Buyer – 2 Stores

    Diamond relations is an integral part of the management and monitoring of the productivity of my sales team. I can view the potential sales from prospective clients from anywhere and at any time without the burden of trying to locate information in card files or client books. This CRM program assists me and my staff to be proactive sales professionals by utilizing the wish list and birthday and anniversary reminder features. Reminding customers of gift giving occasions and offering specific items for purchase allows us to initiate sales when foot traffic is low. This has resulted in a substantial increase in closed bridal sales and more birthday and anniversary gifts purchased at our store than ever before.

  • Lesya Harris – Assistant Manager – 1 Store

    Diamond Relations is a great way to keep track of your potential sales.  In the past, some of our sales have fallen by the wayside for one reason or another. This program helps to keep track of what you are working on and who you need to follow up with.  It really is a foolproof way of keeping track of your customers, and is very user friendly and easy to use. We definitely recommend this program for any store who wants to organize and streamline their customer relations!


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