Get to Know Diamond Relations

For jewelers seeking a simple, user-friendly CRM solution that can be accessed on-the-go, Diamond Relations empowers salespeople to focus on selling, not spending time learning and navigating a complicated CRM. With Diamond Relations, jewelry retailers can easily track sales, manage opportunities, and nurture relationships with their customers.

As one of the only CRMs in the market developed specifically for jewelers, Diamond Relations includes only the tools the company and the salespeople need to follow through with and close sales. Its sleek, intuitive workflow gives users complete visibility into the sales pipeline, capturing all customer interactions in a single, centralized system that can be accessed across the company via the Internet or even a mobile device. Because the solution is cloud-based, there is no software to download, and it can be customized to meet the needs of single store jewelry retailers and franchises with multiple locations.

Diamond Relations gives sales managers an effective tool to manage sales in the store and hold the salespeople accountable. It displays the pipeline by sales stage, offering managers and executives at-a-glance visibility into the deals that are currently being worked in the company and the actions that the salespeople are taking to close those deals. It organizes contacts and can be set up to send out call reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, or service calls.

In and effort to ensure the solution is fully utilized, Diamond Relations sends weekly progress reports during the first month to both sales managers and salespeople, followed by biweekly reports the second month, and monthly reports moving forward. Along with extensive training, this reporting keeps retailers informed and immersed in the system.


Meet the Founder: Jay Klos

President and CEO of Diamond Relations CRM


Like many jewelers, I had no real system of keeping track of opportunities that were coming into my store. The salespeople had to take their clients’ information, put it on a form, and shove the form into a massive book. As an owner, I just had to sit back and assume the sales associates were actively following up with the clients. The day came when a customer came in to request an item from a wish list she had previously made; to our embarrassment we could not find it nor had any record of this customer. That was the tipping point for me, so I began to look into CRM tracking systems for my salespeople to use.

I quickly discovered that there were many solutions out there for other industries, but none targeted for the jewelry business. One of the solutions that caught my eye was a new technological advancement called CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Managment. With further research, I found that everything available was far too complicated and time-consuming for the fast-paced person behind the counter. My salespeople are brilliant and great at selling, but they are no I.T. squad. I decided to customize a CRM system that was internet-based to precisely fit their needs as a salesperson and mine as a manager. This was complicated because I had nothing from which to springboard. Since no CRM had been created that could meet all of these needs, I had to start from the ground level. After days and nights of working with technical teams and stripping down CRM programs, Diamond Relations exploded into being: a CRM system developed by jewelers, for jewelers. I implemented it in my two locations and could have never expected what happened next.

The success of Diamond Relations immediately reflected in our numbers and the morale of our salespeople. There was no longer a big leather-bound book full of disheveled papers nor were there sticky notes all over computer desks. Most importantly, as a manager I always knew what my salespeople were doing. I could see how many deals they were working, at what step they were in each sale, and what actions they were taking to close the sale. The ability to monitor the sales stages and opportunities was at my fingertips.

It was not until then that I realized what I really created: a tool that is revolutionizing the jewelry industry. I decided to share my success and provide my system to companies all over the United States. Keeping the idea of efficient management in mind, I wanted to provide our clients with exactly what the system provides for my salespeople: a second sales manager that provides weekly reports, endless support, training, and navigation throughout the system. This guarantees that each company is utilizing the capabilities of the system to its fullest potential.

Soon, news of my technological revolution spread like wildfire. Owners of other stores soon experienced the same success that I had in my locations. Now, with over one thousand users, Diamond Relations is a well-established business. The new income that our clients receive, along with their dependence on the system, speaks for the success of Diamond Relations.

In today’s retail world, true success is about building honest client relationships and surpassing the expectations of the customer. It hit me that this is precisely what the concept of CRM is all about! Diamond Relations allows salespeople to build those relationships in a simplified manner while allowing the manager to ensure that this relationship-building process is effectively taking place. Diamond Relations is helping jewelers go from a frazzled, in-the-dark company to a sales-driven empire.


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